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Happy to talk with you but we might need to make an appointment


​Life in schools can be very hectic especially at the beginning of the school day.  On occasions, parents bringing children to school may wish to discuss matters with classroom teachers as they arrive.  This may not necessarily be the best time for these discussions as teacher are preparing for their day and trying manage the arrival of students and acknowledge numerous parents who pop through the classroom.  Quality time to talk with parents is usually not available at these morning times.  To ensure quality time for discussions is available I would ask parent wishing to have lengthy conversations with teachers to arrange an appointment for the most suitable next available time.  Parents, please do not feel 'put off' or 'offended' if a teacher may suggest that you come back and talk about a matter at another time.  Teachers are aware that such matters are important to parents but also are aware that some time may be required to deal with the matter effectively.