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Winning and losing


Playing games with others helps children to learn about rules, fair play, right and wrong. There is often a lot of talk between children about what is fair. ‘Fair’ is about children learning that in games you can’t just do what you feel like, when you feel like it, as this is not likely to help you do well, or be liked by others, or win. During the primary school years, children do a lot of learning about the difference between right and wrong. Part of this learning takes place during their games. They make up rules and they learn about winning and losing and being fair.

Games help with learning about self-control and getting on with others, and also offer a way to safely get rid of ‘angry’ feelings and use up lots of energy. Learning to lose is a hard lesson and takes much longer than learning to win! Some children need extra support as they learn to manage their feelings in games.

Tips to help your child learn about winning and losing:

Practise playing, winning and losing.

Play games of chance such as ‘snakes and ladders’ where you can assist your child to understand that despite your best efforts, ‘luck’ can decide whether you win or lose.

Gradually move onto games of skill, making sure that your child still has a good share of winning.

Provide times for your child to play games that are for one person only, such as computer games or card games like, Patience. These games help them to learn to improve their skills when there is no-one to compete against. 

Children need lots of time to play at making up their own games with rules.

If your child wants to play a particular game, learn some of the skills together. Practise in the backyard or in the park. Re-member that too much practice losing will not teach children to be good sports.

Think about how your actions and what you say, as it affects your child. Show your child how to be a ‘good sport’ by the way you cope with losing yourself, and by what you say to them if they lose. If they think winning matters too much to you they will find it harder to lose.

A special thanks to all parents who take the time each week to sit down and talk to their child/ren about the week’s Value and focus. If any parents have any queries or concerns or wish to discuss anything, please feel free to contact Mr James Leach (Deputy Principal) on 46 368 333.