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Message from the YMCA Darling Heights OSHC Coordinator


Dear YMCA Darling Heights OSHC Family,

YMCA Darling Heights OSHC staff are all so excited about our great programmed activities for our child/ren to be a part of. 

If we are able to assist you in any way please note that DHSS youngest child from each family will be sent home the YMCA Darling Heights OSHC Summer Holiday Club Flyer. Bookings are now online via your “My Family Lounge” App.

If we can assist you with our new process of booking online please let us know.

Printed 2019 Summer Holiday Club Flyers and Excursion Permission Forms are all available from YMCA OSHC Service for your convenience but online bookings will still be the option available for all bookings to make sure you have held your booked position.

As you may be aware available places do fill quite quickly therefore I would encourage you to complete the online booking via your My Family Lounge and excursion permission form as soon as possible to reserve your child/ren’s attendance place to avoid any inconvenience or disappointment.

During the upcoming holiday period we will have three excursions and five incursions which are as follows:

  • Tuesday 7th January 2020, EXCURSION – Movies and Sizzlers
  • Thursday 16th January 2020, EXCURSION – Highfields Pioneer Village
  • Tuesday 21st January 2020, EXCURSION – Ten Pin Bowling
  • Tuesday 17th December 2019, INCURSION – Bricks4Kids Constructions
  • Thursday 19th December 2019, INCURSION – All Things Christmas - Special Craft Activity for each Child to take home
  • Thursday 9th January 2020, INCURSION – Muzic4U Disco
  • Tuesday 14th January 2020, INCURSION – Nourished Viktory – Children Learn how to Making Fresh Fruit Ice Cream to Eat it for Afternoon Tea – taught by Victoria Byrnes
  • Thursday 23rd January 2020, INCURSION – Aussie Day Special Craft Activity for each Child to take home

Please find our Holiday Club Program flyers and Excursion Permission Forms below:

Included on the back of the 2019 Holiday Club Flyer is important family information, please take some time to read this information.


  • Lunch and named water bottle – NUT FREE ZONE – please consider our policy regarding peanuts and tree nuts when packing lunchboxes.
  • Hat – sun safety is important to us and we strictly adhere to our policy, NO HAT NO PLAY. Where possible we recommend broad brimmed or legionnaire style hats.
  • Appropriate clothes – sometimes fun is messy, we recommend wearing art friendly clothes and appropriate closed in footwear.
  • A smile – this is essential to having fun!

Your children will have the option to bring their electronic games (not to be shared with peers) for our daily rest period and or a G rated DVD to share with their peers:                                       

Please note: Children’s electronics will be kept in the office until the rest period and returned to office directly after this period for the safety of the electronics


The Daily Activities will include the follow exciting area of exploration and engagement by our children.

Week One

Monday 16th December  2019, Instruments and Music – Come and join the fun filled day of hands on learning of different cultural  instruments from around the world and the music they make. Learning experiences will including how the instruments were made  We can then take our knew found knowledge and make our own instruments.

Tuesday 17th December 2019, INCURSION – Brick for Kidz – Our children will have the opportunity to engage in some major fun as B4K presents an educational play program with an extraordinary atmosphere to build unique creations and play games with  masses of Lego. 

Wednesday 18th December 2019, Swap it Up – Children’s Choice Day – Our children will become the teachers, they will be given the opportunity to lead the day's activities, to teach their friends their favorite games, craft activities, science experiments or even a stage production, YMCA educators will be supporting each child's activity. The children are invited to bring along their ideas and materials if applicable from home.

If children need materials please let us know as soon as possible so we can be prepared. Prepared or spontaneous activities are all welcome.

Thursday 19th December 2019, All Things Christmas – Special craft activities for children to put their personal touch to and then take their master pieces  home,  children's choices of Santa Stop Here Signs, Christmas Ceramic Trains and Special Reindeers. With all things Christmas on this day our children will be given the opportunity to be a part of creating a Christmas Show, with a director appointed and away they go with creating and organizing their show. Christmas cooking, homemade Christmas presents and cards and our Christmas Movies.

Friday 20th December 2019, All Things Christmas – Day 2 – Christmas games for all to enjoy, festive cooking YUMMO, Christmas Story sharing where Children can bring in  a special Christmas story to share with their friends (could be something special to them like a family tradition or something they enjoy about Christmas), Christmas Movies and let’s not forget our Very Special Christmas LUNCH as we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.




Week Two

Monday 6th January 2020, Show and Share – Children are encourage to bring along something that is special to them to show and share with your friends, This is something special to the individual child, could be a present from Christmas, a photo, a book, a board game, a toy or a story about what they did over the Christmas break.

Tuesday 7th January 2020, EXCURSION – Movies and Sizzlers –  Our Children enjoyed the this excursion so much  in the Spring Holiday Club that we thought  we would do it all again for them. We will be catching a bus from our service to the Strand Movie Cinema to see a movie TBA then we walk a short distance to Sizzlers for a very yummy feast for lunch.

Wednesday 8th January 2020, YMCA Has Got Talent – Here is the place to showcase your special talent! You can sing, dance, tell jokes or show us some magic. Judges, stage settings and contestant we will have it all.

Thursday 9th January 2020, INCURSION – Muzic 4 U Disco – Come dressed in your favourite Disco Gear as we all join in the Disco when Peter joins us for our 3 hour fun filled day of exercising as we dance the day away and of course let’s not forget the super fun games!

Friday 10th January 2020,  Scrap Booking Fun – SOOOO Much Fun to be had by all as we turn our FAV photos into a master piece. Bring in some of your favourite photos to scrapbook! We will have various stickers and other materials to use for decorating. So excited as explore our creative sides. We will also be using the special scrap-booking tools on this day.  So Excited - Can't wait for this one!!!

Week Three

 Monday 13th January 2020, My Kitchen Rules – Children will team up as they create delicious pizzas, there will be a quite a range of ingredients for each child to  entice their taste buds with. Which team will cook or even maybe create a new flavoursome pizza, which one will be the best pizza? Who will be our judges? Join in on all the cooking fun!

Tuesday 14th January 2020, INCURSION – Nourished Viktory – Today we will be engaging in an All Things Healthy with our guest Victoria Byrnes, our children will be learning about healthy habits around eating and will be actively involved in making and of course fruit ice cream YUMMO

Wednesday 15th January 2020, YMCA Book Day – Children are encouraged to bring along their favourite book/s to share with everyone. Our children will also be writing our very own YMCA story book! You never know maybe we can get it publish!!!

Thursday 16th January 2020, EXCURSION – Pioneer Village, Highfields –  We will be taking a trip back in time as we visit the Historical Pioneer Village. We will have a guide on this day, the guide will be helping us all to increase our knowledge of our years gone by  of our many areas of our Australian History.

Friday 17th January 2020,  Water Fun Day – Make sure you bring lots of changes of clothes for our Water Fun Day! We will be using water to explore different activities, including some sustainability practices our children can us at home, and of course getting very WET WET WET

Week Four

Monday 20th January 2020, Indigenous Australia – The areas that out children will be engaging in on this day based around who are our traditional owners of the land, some of the indigenous women and men that had a great impact on  the way of life in the 21st century, as well as incorporating indigenous games into our day.

Tuesday 21st January 2020, EXCURSION – Bowling Fun –  Who doesn't like 10 pin bowling, we will be traveling to  Sunset Superbowl at Glenvale for the children to develop their skills at bowling where we will be playing to play two games of bowling.

Wednesday 22nd January 2020, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – We have a large stock of recycled materials, the children will be using their creativity to create a master piece, not just any old master piece but something that can be used in an outdoor area. I can tell you we are pretty excited about this day, you won't believe your eye with what we have in store on this day. 

Thursday 23rd  January 2020, INCURSION – Auzzie Day – Ceramic Money Boxes and many more Aussie craft activities for all enjoy. bring your creative side with you today to create your master pieces. Our children will have the opportunity to engage a special craft activity Join us for some Australia Day Craft and Games.

Friday 24th January 2020,  Pyjama and Movie Day – he last day of the Summer Holiday Club. Let's all just relax in our PJ's to watch movies and eat all day before we start back to school next week!  Children are welcome to bring their Favourite movie to watch (G rated only please). Thank you for letting us spend time with your children, I know we would have all had an amazing time with the great fun filled days we had planned. 

Family Input

YMCA Darling Heights OSHC encourages both children and family input into the program, we thank you in advance for your contribution into our program for our children.

If there are any activities you would like us to incorporate into the program please complete the Daily Holiday Club Input Sheet (Parent/Family Input Section on the sheet) at our service.

The Input Sheet/s are available for your completion on the table to the left directly inside the main entry door at the service. 

Please don’t forget you 2020 online enrolment 

Did you know?

2020 brings with it our new and exciting online enrolment system “QK Enrol” for all YMCA OSHC families  both existing and new.

Families are now invited to complete their enrolments for next year – please head to to register. 

You can also make and manage your casual bookings on the My Family Lounge app.

Please download the My Family Lounge app once you have completed your QK Enrol registration via the website listed above. 


Information in Arabic

المعلومات باللغة العربية(PDF, 1680KB)​ 

Please take the time to read our Newsletters-  

  1. November/December 2018 NewsLetter (PDF, 1530KB) 

2020 Enrolment Information:

Dear Darling Heights Family, 

Well it’s nearly that time of year again, where we are all getting ready for the Festive Season and prepare for 2020. With the National Quality Framework well in place we are looking forward to another great year in 2020 here at YMCA Darling Heights OSHC full of exciting Educational programs that support each child’s individual interests, needs and development. 

We would like to take a minute to welcome all our new families for 2020 and welcome back our wonderful currently enrolled families. 

Please find the above and below links for all relevant information  for your enrolment at YMCA Darling Heights OSHC for 2020.

For our families convenience all our enrolments, booking and cancellations are now done online in the confort of your own lounge.

Included are:

Please complete and return as part of your enrolment process 

If you would like any of the forms printed (other than Enrolment Form) please contact our service either by phone or email.

Please remember our service is licenced by Department of Early Childhood Education and Care for only 60 children per session.

To ensure you secure a place for your chil/ren please conplete yopur online enolment and required bookings as soon as possible to avoid any inconvenience or disappointment. 

For further enrolment information please contact YMCA Darling Heights OSHC on 07 4635 6308 or​ 

YMCA is extremely excited about getting to know each of our precious children, families and our Darling Heights State School extended community. 


Position: Nominated Supervisor 

Qualifications: Diploma in Children's Services 

Working in OSHC since: 1991 

General information about Helen: 

I have been working with children for over 29 years in Outside School Hours Care. I have held positions over these years as an Assistant, Assistant Coordinator,  Regional Administration Office and Coordinator.  I am married and have 5 children and 6 grandchildren. I love spending time with my family and meeting new people. I enjoy camping, watching a good movie and eating traditional foods from other countries. When you see me out and about come and say Hi. I would love to meet you. 


YMCA Darling Heights OSHC, Wuth Street, Toowoomba 

Phone:  07 46356308 or 0455 088401 


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