At Darling Heights State School our Chaplain will

  • Implement a program of Chaplaincy services as outlined in the approved school overview
  • Undertake activities as outlined in the approved work plan.
  • Provide social and emotional support to students or refer students to other professionals as needed.
  • Provide regular reports to the principal, or his/her delegate, on proposed events and on progress, issues and successes of Chaplaincy Services in such format as may be determined by the principal from time-to-time.
  • Confirm with the principal that parental or guardian consent has been given before engaging in regular one-to-one meetings with a student.
  • Inform a parent or guardian in writing, through the principal or delegate, prior to commencing regular one-to-one meetings with a student.
  • Cease provision of any Chaplaincy Services with a student immediately upon notification from parents or guardians or the principal that parents or guardians have requested the withdrawal of Chaplaincy Services for their child.
  • Comply with relevant legislation, policies and practices of Education Queensland.
  • Comply with directions of the principal and employing authority not to evangelise or proselytize in the delivery of chaplaincy services.

The position of chaplain position at Darling Heights State School is a paid position. This position is financed by local churches, Federal Government funding and funds raised by the Local Chaplaincy committee. The Chaplain is an employee of Scripture Union.

Consent for Chaplaincy services

All parents or guardians at enrolment, and on request, are able to access a consent form for Voluntary Student Participation in Program of Chaplaincy Services (PDF, 341 KB). This form outlines the program at Darling Heights State School.

This form enables parents to:

  • Know the range of activities within the program of Chaplaincy Services provided at this school.
  • Make an informed decision regarding their child's participation or non-participation in program of Chaplaincy Services.
  • Make an informed decision regarding giving or not giving their consent for their child's participation in programs interrelated to Chaplaincy Services
  • Withdraw their agreement to or consent for their child's participation in Chaplaincy Services or interrelated programs by advising school in writing.

Local Chaplaincy Committee

There is a Local Chaplaincy Committee (LCC) at Darling Heights State School.

Their aim is to meet the needs of the school community within our school.  The LCC meets once per month.  It has developed a School Overview, Aims and a Plan. The School Overview, Aims and Plan are endorsed by the P&C and approved by Principal.

LCC members:

  • Understand cultural and religious customs and needs of individuals and groups within school and the range of services and support currently available and/or required.
  • Represent the overall school community.
  • Perform an advisory role to the principal for the chaplain and programs of chaplaincy services and activities.
  • Undertake activities such as fundraising and supporting and mentoring chaplain.

Chaplaincy plan

(endorsed by the P&C and approved by the Principal)


The Chaplain is supported by the Local Chaplaincy Committee. The Chaplain works with the LCC to develop programs for the School Community. When developed, the Chaplain informs the Principal of all programs and activities being provided at school prior to programs and activities commencing.


Chaplains undertake pastoral care within the school, assist school staff as they engender, within children, a commitment for and enactment of, supportive relationships for, with and amongst their peers.

Programs and activities required of the Chaplain to achieve the aims of model

Support social and life skills programs & assisting staff in delivering these to students they have identified as needing such support, to assist with Lunchtime sport & activities, work with other school staff & volunteers in providing organised sports & activities, coach school sporting teams, provide Excursion/Camp support. The Chaplain may assist other staff when students have excursions & camps off-school campus.

The Chaplain provides support for programs that are Voluntary Student Activities Free of Religious, Spiritual and/or Ethical Content.

Chaplain's accountabilities to and relationships with parents and accredited employing authority

The Chaplain has accountability to Scripture Union, through the Local Chaplaincy Committee (LCC), which is the employing authority. As the employed Chaplain, they have no specific affinity with any local religious denominations or societies or parents. The Chaplain welcomes contact from parents. Written reports, once a month, on the Chaplaincy Service is provided to the LCC, Principal and Scripture Union. The Chaplain's performance is reviewed on an annual basis by Scripture Union in partnership with the Principal.

Procedures to be followed when an incident of concern occurs involving a student attending Chaplaincy services

Should a parent or student wish to make a complaint regarding Chaplaincy Services or the Chaplain, then the school complaint processes can be used. Complaints can be lodged in writing, by telephone or the complaint can be directly addressed with the Principal or a member of the Administration team.

Procedures when the chaplain suspects abuse or risk

The Chaplain, as is any member of this school’s staff, is required to report suspicion of harm or risk of harm to a student to the Principal. The Principal is required, by legislation, to report the disclosure to the Department of Child Safety, the Queensland Police and Education Queensland as appropriate.


The Chaplain will be located in offices within the precinct of the Support Services Centre.

Last reviewed 18 March 2020
Last updated 18 March 2020